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  Your Name: Preetty G Sharma Company/Brand name: Astro Preetty G Sharma Title/Designation: Founder Location (City and Country): New Delh...


Your Name: Preetty G Sharma
Company/Brand name: Astro Preetty G Sharma
Title/Designation: Founder
Location (City and Country): New Delhi [Operational Worldwide]

Address: New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi


Interview Questions Below:

Q1. The story behind your brand name or logo:

Ans: In the realm of spirituality and astrology, the concept of Ardhnareshwar delves into profound symbolism. This divine entity, a fusion of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati, is depicted with equal parts of both genders. Notably, the right half symbolizes the male attributes, encapsulating the traditional qualities associated with Shiva.

This representation carries a deep-rooted meaning in a cosmic context. The amalgamation of masculine and feminine energies in Ardhnareshwar is considered the sacred union that serves as the very essence, the root, and the womb of all creation. In the intricacies of spirituality and astrology, this divine synthesis embodies the harmonious convergence of opposing forces, emphasizing the interconnectedness and balance essential for the cosmic order.


Q2. Whether this business was started by you or the Legacy of Generations:


Ans: The establishment of this business is rooted in the legacy of generations, as I have inherited valuable knowledge passed down from the Siddha Gurus. Their teachings have been a guiding force, shaping the foundation and ethos of our endeavours. The profound wisdom handed down through the lineage has not only inspired the initiation of this business but continues to influence its growth and purpose.


Q3. What inspired you to start this business or entrepreneurship?


Ans. I refrain from labelling it as a business or entrepreneurship. My initial fascination with astrology, stemming from a significant personal experience, eventually evolved into a profound passion. Over the past 23 years, my dedicated research and commitment have enabled me to effectively aid individuals, driven by a purpose beyond conventional business motivations.

Q4. Kindly introduce about your Business, briefly products and services here.[Maximum 8 to 10 lines]


Ans With an extensive background in astrology, numerology, and Vastu Shastra, I bring forth a unique approach to navigating life's challenges.

Life's journey is filled with various aspects, including finances, health, emotions, and family dynamics. My specialization lies in providing comprehensive guidance in these realms. What sets me apart is the integration of divine power into my practice, which serves as my unique selling proposition (USP).

Q5. What kind of major challenges did you face while starting or doing business?


Ans One of the significant challenges encountered in establishing and operating an astrology business revolved around the need to persuade individuals to seek astrological and Vastu solutions proactively before challenges manifested in their lives. The primary hurdle lay in raising awareness about the importance of these ancient practices and their potential to preempt difficulties.

A notable aspect of this challenge was the prevalent lack of awareness regarding one's accurate sun sign based on Vedic astrology. Many individuals worldwide were unfamiliar with the profound insights that Vedic astrology could provide, making it crucial to bridge this knowledge gap and demonstrate the relevance of seeking astrological guidance. Overcoming this hurdle involved not just offering solutions but also educating people about the preventive and transformative power inherent in astrological and Vastu practices.

Q6. What were your financial challenges during the start of business, and how did you manage them?


Q7. Share with our readers the most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or business.


 Ans. During our entrepreneurial journey, the most uplifting and inspiring moment unfolded when we extended support to 3000 individuals globally amid the challenges posed by COVID. In instances where even healthcare professionals found themselves at a loss, a glimmer of hope emerged, showcasing the transformative impact of our efforts. Divine intervention played a pivotal role in turning seemingly hopeless situations into stories of resilience and triumph.


Q8. Who is your role model or inspiration in life, personally or professionally?


Ans. I draw inspiration from an encounter with an IAS officer I met 23 years ago.

Q9: What are your future plans? Or, now, what is your vision for the next five years?

 Ans My goal is to positively impact the lives of one lakh people annually by changing their destiny through the application of Remedies, Numerology, Vedic Astrology, and the Vastu Shastra.


Q10. What are your core power values in life?


Ans. I believe in assisting individuals through heavenly connections and guiding them to a happy life with potent remedies and ongoing assistance.

Q.11: What is the one inspirational or motivational message you want to share with our esteemed readers?


Ans  I passionately advocate for the belief that every family should have at least one member deeply connected to divine power and read one holy book once a year. Embracing this connection not only brings spiritual richness but also fosters a sense of guidance, strength, and unity within the family. It's a beacon of inspiration that lights the path for each member, creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere for everyone to thrive.


Q12. Your Accomplishments and Awards


Q13: Are you associated with various networking forums and social organizations?


Ans. I am involved with various nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) that contribute to human welfare and networking groups that help shape India.

Q 14 LinkedIn profile URL link


Q 15: Facebook profile URL link


Q16 Twitter profile URL link

Ans: No

Q17. Instagram profile URL link


Q18: Personal blog URL link

Ans. No

Q19. Company website and Company blog URL link

Ans. No

Q 20: YouTube channel URL link ( if any)


 Interviewed by  

Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor    &  Founder  

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