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  1Q Story behind your Brand name or Logo   Life is a roller coaster. There are good days and bad days. While all of us would want all our...


1Q Story behind your Brand name or Logo

 Life is a roller coaster. There are good days and bad days. While all of us would want all our days to be filled with happiness, progress and peace. There are days when we are sad, angry and anxious. And my mission is to help people overcome such negative emotions and become the best versions of themselves. That's what Reiki, life force energy is all about.



Q2.  Whether this  Business is  started by you or Legacy of Generations


: It's started by me 7 years back and have strong faith of creating a legacy by helping 1 billion people with Reiki.



Q3.  What inspired you to start this business / entrepreneurship?


: There is a strong voice inside me (intuition), that pushes me to help people become happier, that is my inspiration. It's always there. Wherever i go and whoever i meet. When i did some market research i realised that there is no specific degree or even a job that has the exact description of fulfilling my mission. Hence the best way for me is to carve my own unique path.



Q4. Kindly introduce  about your Business, briefly  products and services here


: I help people achieve peace, productivity and progress through Reiki Classes and Reiki Healing. Reiki Classes are conducted online as well as in-person. Reiki Healing is done through 121 online and offline sessions, Reiki healing music, Reiki Silver Coin for Prosperity and Protection, Reiki Bracelet for protection of your energy and Reiki paintings for people and Vaastu 



Q5. What kind of  major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?


: i am blessed with the ability to remain calm during challenging situations and that helps me in every aspect of my life. One of the challenges while starting the business was to let go of a high paying job which i did for a couple of years after doing my Masters in Mathematics. But again, being calm aligns you with your higher self and guides you in the right direction. That's what happened and i am thankful for taking the decision of starting out on my own.



Q6.  What were  the financial challenges you had   during the start of Business  and how did you manage ? 


- Like i said before, the only challenge was to initially accept the fact that business won't give me lot of money immediately. It's all about patience, resilience and believing that In the long run, things will change for the better. 



Q7. Share with our readers the most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey ?

 : There are many. Most inspiring was to be able to heal negative emotions connected to deep rooted trauma of 30 years in just a span of 15 minutes for a client .Other than that seeing my clients grow and prosper tremendously after using my healing  products and services.


Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life ?

 - My guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and professionally it's Elon Musk.


Q9  What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for the next five years?

 : Future plan is to be able to use AI for my business. It's already started and hoping to help more and more people because of this. 


Q10. What are your Core Power  Values in Life?

 : Honesty and Gratitude.


 Q.11 What is the  one inspirational or Motivational message you want to  share to  our esteemed  readers?


: Wherever you are, believe that Universe has a plan for you and that even if there are 8 billion people in the world, who you are and what you do matters!! 




Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards


: One of the Youngest and most versatile Reiki Masters in the world is the accomplishment that matters to me the most.




Q13  Associated with various  Networking Forums,  & Social Organizations

 : Snow, BNI, Network 21


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 Interviewed by  

Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor    &  Founder  

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