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   Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo   §   Name COSMIQUE means inconceivably vast. COSMIQUE is French word for COSMIC. §   ...


 Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo


§  Name COSMIQUE means inconceivably vast. COSMIQUE is French word for COSMIC.

With the dream to become as vast as Universe; “COSMIQUE” is what suited our all parameters of search. We at COSMIQUE believes in universal possibilities and to become like COSMIC energy for all organisation helping clients grow universal COSMIQUE CONSULTANTS name was finalised.


Q2.  Whether this Business is started by you or Legacy of Generations


§  I feel blessed to have start this Business myself with the dream to go global and create legacy for future.


Q3.  What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?


§  The love for this field started when I was researching career options after my Graduation and decided to do Masters in Personnel Management followed with Post Graduate Diploma in Environment Management and Diploma in Training and Development.
Entrepreneurship means exploring without limits. And HR, OD (Organisation Development), Compliance, Payroll, Employee Engagement & Training is such a vast field to explore. And moreover, I thought I should be better able to help organisations only when I have my own consultancy. Hence, on 2nd October 2011, leaving my well settled Job, I start my own baby COSMIQUE CONSULTANTS.

Q4. Kindly introduce about your Business, briefly products and services here.


§  COSMIQUE CONSULTANTS is a National Level awarded consultancy for “Innovative HR Practices” based in Mumbai, Pune & Udaipur. We help organisation create “Dream Place to work” through our following services:

o   HR Outsourcing & Consulting

o   Payroll Outsourcing & Consulting

o   HR Compliance Consulting

o   Employee Engagement activities.

o   Corporate Training.

§  Our Info graphic, Interactive & Video Animated HR Manual and our Activity based Change Management techniques makes us unique in the Industry.

§  Most Competitive Service & Price is what we can guarantee as from Desk to Digital (we have our own software for HRMS, Payroll, etc) we have all internal staff for development to execution.


Q5. What kind of major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?


§  When we started back in 2011, not many SMEs understood the need of having a HR department, so forget about outsourcing it. And Mumbai being new city for me I was unable to reach out the target audience the way I should have. Also, unable to understand in what language should I explain my Target audience, learning no Jargon language was a new turn for me.

Q6.  What were the financial challenges u had during start of Business and how did u manage? 


§  It would be hard to believe if I say we started with almost “Zero” capital. Just a Laptop, Wi-Fi (internet) and Mobile is what I started with. Because it was minimum capital start hence minimum financial challenges did, I face.

Q7. Share with our readers most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey?


§  Many small and big such moments have been motivating but to mention few.
During my pregnancy, doctor had asked to me to reduce my travel and hence I had to think of letting go far distant clients, but they didn’t want to leave taking consultation from me and hence they would use to travel till my office.

§  Also, during my maternity break, 1 organisation waited till I resume to outsource their HR department to me.

§  Once when our competitor hired us to deliver HR outsourcing project for their client and much appreciated our knowledge and hold in our industry.


Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life?


§  My Father is my role model and a true Inspiration in personal & professional both lives. He is a Textile Engineer by qualification but for his health reason he had to opt to take up our ancestor’s farming. And the way he has transformed our ancestor’s farms and stood rock solid even during the times when we thought everything is over. I have learned a lot from him and will continue learning from him ever in my entire life.

Q9.  What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?


§  Future Plans: To become the most looked for consultancy firm in HR, OD & Training Industry providing Desk to Digital services.

§  One Stop Shop – for all HR, OD, Compliance, Payroll & Corporate Training consulting and services.

§  To have office with self-sustaining team in at least 5 cities of India with 3 times turnover.

§  Vision: To become a One Stop Business Outsourcing Organisation with handpicked Entrepreneurs to serve such Businesses.


Q10. What are your Core Values in Life?


§  Honesty (something which cannot be compromised at all)

§  Sky is not the limit.

§  You are reflection of your Inner Strengths and Weakness.

§  Learn, Unlearn & Relearn is the mantra.

§  Keep Innovating is my fundamental need.

Q.11 What is the one inspirational or Motivational message u want to share to our esteemed readers?


§  My motivation Mantra is “If this didn’t work for you, something else will. Don’t Stop, Keep Exploring.”


Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards


§  BEST BUSINESS CONSULTANT 2019 Award by GB Entrepreneurs Award.

§  Innovative HR Practices Award at National Level by ISTD

§  Leading HR Practices Award by TEOI.

§  Got Recognised amongst 100 Iconic Women by Indian Women’s Club for outstanding work and inspiring others.


Q13 Associated with various Networking Forums, or Social Organizations


§  SNOW (South to North Online World)

§  BNI (Business Network International)

§  LAJA (India’s first forum of India for, with, from and by women)

§  ISTD (Indian Society of Training & Development)

§  NHRDN (National HRD Network)

§  BVBKMMIAS School of Skills

§  Maheshwari Pragati Mandal.

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Interviewed by 
Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor -  & CEO Deesha Foods

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