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Hiren Modi-Proprietor-MINCOMETSAL -Bangalore-Karnataka-India

    Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo   MINCOMETSAL is a brand for Chemicals and Raw Materials. It is a Combination of   MIN erals CO...


 Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo

 MINCOMETSAL is a brand for Chemicals and Raw Materials. It is a Combination of

 MINerals COmpound METal SALts


Q2Whether this Business is  started by you or Legacy of Generations

 Being born in a business family, I started very young working for my father in his Firm. However, by the time I completed my graduation, I knew I wanted to expand to a much specific market and products, hence I incorporated MINCOMETSAL in February 2003. After being in the industry for almost 13 years.

What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

 Even though I started to work with my father when I was 12, I did complete my Graduation as a Chemical Engineer from Mumbai University in 2001. And as I was getting the industrial experience, I was able to use the teachings in the industry and the complexity of the Materials science got me more and more interested and inquisitive. I had to find why these materials and why they behave in a certain manner. This has been my driving force ever since.

Kindly introduce about your Business, briefly products and services here.

 We manufacture, Supply & Trade in

Non-ferrous Metals, metal based oxides and Chemicals,

Rare Earth Metals, Metal based Oxides & Chemicals

Nano Powders, Nano materials & Nano Colloidal Solutions,

Specialty Inks & Pigments

Specialty Printing & Coated Papers

 With over 1800 + products, we are the one stop solution for all the special raw material requirements for value addition to any products.

What kind of major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

 When I started, it all seemed very fascinating and whoever I spoke to about the products and what these products can achieve, but all I got from the clients is please develop the product and give it to us. It took a great deal of efforts and it is still a struggle even now to get clients to do product development and they still expect us to do the same for them even today.

.  What were the financial challenges u had   during start of Business and how did u  manage ?  

 Since part of my business is of Stock and trade format, the financial need is always there. However, in all these years of doing business, I have never taken loan from any bank or financial institution towards my business. I have ensured that we never do any business in Credit, neither take credit nor give credit. Also always invest a small amount in financial securities so that there are funds available for business as the time needed.

Share with our readers most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey?

 There are many such instances that encourages me to continue doing my business and help me to put in more effort, one such recent incident is that one of my competitor called me and said that he has a client whom he is unable to help with the supply of materials during the lockdown and wanted me to help his client as he had full faith in me that I will supply quality products and always do an ethical transaction.

So when your competition says that they trusts you with their source of revenue, that means you have made your mark in the business.

 Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life ?

 My Father – for his Never Die attitude

Ratan Tata – Help who work for you and depend on you

Elon Musk – Aspire to do the impossible

Satoshi Nakamoto -  Anything – even money – can be disrupted

what are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

 Future for MINCOMETSAL: one stop shop for raw materials for all future innovative products and to put India in the world map as manufacturers of Innovative products.

 Vision : With the help of my entrepreneur friends, I would want to create a conglomerate of sorts for all products and services under one roof and one team for any business.

  Q10. What are your Core Values in Life?


What is the one inspirational or Motivational message u want to  share to  our esteemed  readers?

Be Assertive, Be Confident, Be Positive & Be Patient.


Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards 


 Q13 Associated with various Networking Forums, or Social Organizations


SNOW –        South to North Online World,

BNI –              Business Network International,

LIONS –         Lions Club of Bangalore Airport City

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Interviewed by 
Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor -  & CEO Deesha Foods

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