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VIRAL KENIA -Director & Co-Founder-HVT interior-Mumbai Maharastra INDIA

  Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo   - Brand Name is behind the Initials of the 2 Directors Hemal & Viral. Logo has distinct &...


Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo

 - Brand Name is behind the Initials of the 2 Directors Hemal & Viral. Logo has distinct & bold letters, indicating a solid base. The 3 letters, that are very easy to remember & green "Leaf" that indicates greenery & peace. 

 Q2.  Weather this  Business is  started by you or Legacy of Generations

 - Business is Started by us in 2012. We are the first generation in this Business.

 Q3.  What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

 - Dream to be an Entrepreneur & Inspiration to work in the creative Industry (related to art & designing) made me leave my IT Career and Start this Business.

 Q4. Kindly introduce  about your Business, briefly  products and services here.[Max 8 to 10 lines]

 HVT Interiors is a company, completely focused on Outdoor Decor.

We are Importers, Wholesalers, Manufacturer & Execution Experts for Products like 

- Artificial Landscape Grass

- Artificial Sports Turf

- Vertical Green Walls

- Deck Flooring

- Wall Cladding 

- Sports Flooring 

- Pergolas, Gazebos etc...

HVT Interiors is present in 42 cities, has 850 dealers across India (for their B to B business) & more then 15000 plus satisfied clients (for projects). 

The Strength & USP of the Company is the ability to carry Huge Inventory & Execute Projects PAN India.

The vision is to be a Global brand and having offices Across the Globe.

 Q5. What kind of  major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

 - The major challenges while starting the Business was competition. There were few players who had a monopoly in the market. 

- Another challenge was Education. Educating & Convincing the people about the importance of the Products.

 Q6.  What were  the financial challenges u had   during  start of Business  and how did u  manage ? 

 - We started with a very low Capital (savings  and borrowed money from Friends & Relatives). 

- The Technical Knowledge about the Products, the knowledge about the manufacturing process, Focused Sales approach & setting High standards and Targets helped us to grow, Manage the competition & Become Industry Leaders.

Today HVT Interiors is biggest in India for Artificial turf and a very Popular Brand for outdoor Décor Products.

 Q7. Share with our readers most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey ?

 - HVT is formed when 2 strong competitors join hands & start a organization. We are Supplying to clients, which were Vendors to us during the start of the Business Journey.

- We have our Collabrative (B to B ) partners present almost everywhere. 

- During the tough Covid times, company ensured that all the employees & their families  were safe and were paid full salary, inspite of the business not Happening.

 - Major chunk of of employees are there from the inception of the firm. And they are motivated to continue for years to come.

 Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life ?

 - We 2 Business partners inspire, motivate & push each other to excel in Business. The motivation to grow & set really high targets have been our key strategy. My role model is Sachin Tendulkar (it's how one individual defines & rules the game)

 Q9  What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

 - Plans for next 5 years is to Double the turnover. Have offices in 5 countries. Set up a very good manufacturing set up. 

 Q10. What are your Core Values in Life?

 - My core Values in life is Simplicity, Ethics & my Givers Gain attitude. May what conditions, we will always fight & survive.

  Q.11 What is the  one inspirational or Motivational message u want to  share to  our esteemed  readers?

 - One Inspiration message I want to share is from the Bollywood movie (tweaked for my business).

"Koi dhandha chota nhi hota & dhande seh bada koi dharm nhi hota. Ab networking hee mera Kalma hai & Relations hee mera Majhab" (No business is small & nothing is Bigger then Business and Relations)

Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards

 - HVT Interiors has been the fastest growing company, completely focused in the Outdoor Decor Space.

- We are the company with most of the Installers on our Payroll. We just don't supply but also Execute PAN India.

 Q13  Associated with various  Networking Forums, or Social Organizations

 - We are associated with various organizations like Lions Club, Kutchi Corporate Forums, KVO, SNOW & BNI 


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Interviewed  By 

Deepak  Toshniwal

Chief Editor  SNOW  and CEO Deesha Chocolates

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