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  Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo   KayB Designz relates to the name Kajal Bhansali, where Kay refers to the pronunciation of the...


Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo

 KayB Designz relates to the name Kajal Bhansali, where Kay refers to the pronunciation of the letter ''K'' and B refers to the surname Bhansali.

 Q2.  Whether this Business is started by you or Legacy of Generations

 This company was founded by herself, Kajal Bhansali in the year 2016, the first legacy of the up growing business  "KayB Designz"  with the hope of bringing new sense of design, style and look to the system wear design (Uniform design).

 Q3.  What inspired you to start this business / entrepreneurship?

 After having three years of job experience, it gave me the hunger to work hard and do something unusual in the field of fashion. Maybe it was to solve the problems, capitalize on a gap in the marketplace and desire to make a difference, I ended up seeing the niche and decided to take advantage and transform to business, so i chose uniform design and manufacturing.


Q4. Kindly introduce about your Business, briefly  products and services here.

 KayB Designz is an end to end solution provider in the field of work wear fabrics, outfits and its accessories. We cater from concept to product. Our unique approach of client analysis is to provide the most streamlined design choices which makes us different from the rest. We believe in delivering excellence and sophistication to our products and thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction. Our expertise in design and garment production come together at once to offer the most feasible and flexible solutions to meet the uniform requirements of our discerning and ever growing client base. Our sought after product line include School, Corporate, Hospitality,

Healthcare and Aviation uniforms.


 Q5. What kind of  major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

 Starting up a company and maintaining the survival was quite a challenging in the initial as getting connected to the right kind of customers on regular basis got tougher.As i slowly started communicating and growing my client list, the industry came to an halt with an unexpected pandemic where in a lot of  Hotel, Resorts, Corporates, Schools, departmental stores and many more others were either working from home or it got shut down permanently, which made difficult to believe in this business for long run.

 Q6.  What were the financial challenges you had   during the start of Business  and how did you manage ? 

 Initially i was working as a designer, so there were no much financial investments. As and when i started growing up in the business, i started streamlining my work and invested in production with the hope of good flow of business and money, but it got otherwise as there were lack of customers and paying bills and wages became challenging. Only Dedication & hope kept me going..


Q7. Share with our readers the most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey?

 Starting a company is hard, growing one is harder and running a one is hardest. Doing this day in and day out can be tiresome. Sometimes I feel like I'm not winning or getting anywhere. Many people celebrate the big wins but what about the small wins? Identify small wins to celebrate. Avoid the notion that you have to land some fantastic, outstanding client or reach thousands of customers before celebrating. Rejoice over the first customer or transaction. Recognizing small victories can boost your morale and provide a surge of energy to grow bigger and better over the time.

Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life ?

 In personal life, I look up to my mentor, who gave me the insight of the working world, encouraged me to learn new skills, helped me set career goals, connect with other professionals and made me financially independent.


Q9  What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for the next five years?

 In the next five years I would like to expand my horizons by learning as much as I can, as quickly as I can and reach my right kind of target market and  increase my client list to the best possibility. 


 Q10. What are your Core Power Values in Life?

 Achievement, Integrity, kindness, honesty, charity, creativity and financial security 


Q.11 What is the  one inspirational or Motivational message you want to  share to  our esteemed  readers?

 If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.


Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards

 Won the ''best design collection award'' at Jd institute of fashion technology


Q13  Associated with various  Networking Forums,  & Social Organizations




Website is in the making.


Rest all good to go.


 Interviewed by 

Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor -  &  Founder of SNOW Global Networking Platform

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