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SANGEETA S MISHRA- CEO-Sangeeta Vaastu Consultancy Services-Mumbai-Maharashtra-India

  Q1 . Story behind your Brand name or Logo?   Ans: The story behind my logo is like this:- There is a FAA & MAA symbol with a dot i...


Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo?


Ans:The story behind my logo is like this:-

There is a FAA & MAA symbol with a dot in the center, this symbol is also known as"Bhairavi"yantra.
It's a symbol of victory, abundance, protection, radiance, eloquent speech, safety and safe journey. This is what I have to give all my clients. This symbol also eliminates anxieties ,fear ,doubts & malefic energies.
This same symbol was used by Lord Hanuman in Mahabharata when he was holding a flag on Arjuna's chariot. 
We can also see this symbol on the National flag of Israel since 1948 and we can witness the Heroic power and growth of this country.



Q2. Weather this Business is started by you or Legacy of Generations?


Ans:  This business is started by me as I am blessed to be in this field from such an young age. So I feel I am the choosen one to be a medium to heal and help those who come in my contact.


Q3. What inspired you to start this Business, entrepreneurship?


Ans: Vaastu came into my life when I was 19, immense gratitude to my mentor Dr. Giridhar S Shetty who ignited the spark within me. By giving me a glimpse of how Vaastu is necessary in an individual’s life and that is when I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to Vaastu to serve the mankind through this Noble profession.



Q4. Kindly introduce about your Business, briefly products and services here? [Max 8 to 10 Lines]

Ans: “Vaastu is an ancient Indian Science of architecture which helps in balancing the 5 elements of nature and their energies at your premises. Such Vaastu compliant premises are a key to enhanced peace, health prosperity and happiness in your life.

I specialize in Vaastu correction without any structural demolition using scientific way to attract luck and fortune.

We are one stop solution for :- Vaastu consultancy, Personal Vaastu, Business card Vaastu, Pyramid Remedy for Personal Area, Business growth, Energy protection tools, Mediation Pyramid tools to promote inner peace . Pyramid yantra for divine abundance, Navgrah pyramid for Vaastu and astrology, Most powerful pyramid for virtual energy correction, Pyrons for Vaastu and Fengshui, Pyramid for Health and Healing, Multipurpose Pyra Vaastu tool to attract good luck and fortune in shops and offices, Pyramid yantra for Memory consternation and exam power, Reiki pyramid to enhance healing energy in Clinic hospital and home.

We also train people professionally to start a career as a Vaastu Consultant.

Quality is our First priority . Our Parent Company Jiten Pyramid is India’s no 1 company to get 9001 -2000 in the field of Vaastu wellness and holistic well-being.

All are products are well tested by the team of scientist with 45 years research.


Q5. What kind of major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?


Ans:  12 years back the biggest challenge was making people believe that Vaastu is an ancient science and it has 100% positive effects on Individuals & spaces when done correct. Also there was a misconception that it cannot be used in modern construction that too without any structural demolition. Last but not the least my expertise was always gaged with my age but eventually all my clients who were convinced & Satisfied with my knowledge and application of Remedies gave me instant referrals and started recommending me to their friends and families



Q6. What were the financial challenges u had during start of business and how did u manage?


Ans: My mentor did my personal Vaastu and I followed the remedies & recommendation from day one. His suggested pyramids not only help me grow my business but also bought me clients who gave me advance and hence I never faced any financial challenge in starting or running my business.


Q7. Share with our readers’ most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey?


Ans: Most Inspiring moment in this Journey was when Mr. Khurana form Delhi a Practicing traditional Vaastu consultant for last 20 years took my consultation, applied my given recommendations & remedies & also shared a testimonial for the same after benefiting from the pyramid Vaastu remedy, he personally congratulated me for my knowledge and told my mentor that he is proud of having such as young & competent Vaastu consultant in the Industry.


Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life?


Ans: My Role model & inspiration is my mentor Dr. Giridhar S. Shetty & Sanjiv Joshi who showed me my Path and are always besides me at all times. So I am & will be always Grateful to them


Q9. What are your future Plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

 Ans:  I see myself and my company internationally acclaimed in the field of pyramid vaastu  as no 1 Brand &  In near future I will be installing pyramids in ISRO & making India a global super Power



Q10. What are your core Values in Life?


Ans: Commitment, Accountability, Positive attitude and Integrity


Q11. What is the one inspirational or Motivational message u want to share to our esteemed readers?


Ans: Dear friends” universe has everything is an abundance for everyone” you will get what you deserved at the right time in the right quantum with right tools in place.


Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards?


Please find the attached photo of the awards



Q13. Associated with various Networking Forums, or Social Organizations?

Bni, snow ,Real estate group, Holistic Vaastu group


Q14. LinkedIn profile URL link


Q15. Facebook Profile URL link

Business Pages


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 Q17. Instagram Profile link



Q18. Personal Blog URL link


Q19. Company website & Company blog URL


Q20. YouTube channel URL link

 Interviewed by 

Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor -  & CEO Deesha Foods

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