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DEEPIKA MAHESHWARI-Founder-Riddhi Siddhi Art Creations-Hyderabad-Telangana-India

  Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo   My Brand Name – Riddhi Siddhi Art Creations was chosen behind my daughters- Riddhi & Si...


Q1. Story behind your Brand name or Logo


My Brand Name – Riddhi Siddhi Art Creations was chosen behind my daughters- Riddhi & Siddhi. They were the ultimate motivation behind starting this at very first place.


Q2.  Whether this Business is started by you or Legacy of Generations


This business was started by me with an initial investment of Rs.1000/- which I got from pawning my gold bangle. I always believed in creating the legacy than follow the existing ones.

Q3.  What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?


Honestly, I was always ambitious. I wanted to start something on my own. Life took all these opportunities from me...but also had its very own way of bringing things up for me. I got into the field of art to make my ends meet which soon turned into something very incredible. Eventually with time, the need soon turned into my passion!


Q4. Kindly introduce about your Business, briefly products and services here


Riddhi Siddhi Art Creations began its journey in the first decade of the new millennium and geared up an evolution in the contemporary and ethnic art. If we talk about the modern world, today none of the establishments, whether commercial or residential can be aesthetically complete without art installations. We work with multiple mediums to create exclusive art pieces in the form of Exclusively Customizable Abstracts, Centre Tables, Chowkis, Name Plates, Puja Mandirs, Religious Frames, Stone Carvings and much more…. Turning one’s imagination into reality - Customization is our USP!


Q5. What kind of major challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

Initially being a single parent, striking a balance between personal & professional life was the major one. Financial Aspect because art is a field where people wants to see the stuff…variety of collection before investing into it. Procuring materials from the other states, logistics, striking balance between teaching and completing orders, managing finances…


Q6. What were the financial challenges you had during the start of Business and how did you manage? 

I only  had 1000/- and a pair of gold bangles. I never wanted to borrow money from anyone else, not even my parents.. because you are responsible for your own life.. You write your own story. Thus, I got my first cash in hand that I invested in my first exhibition, promotional activity that was a like a kickstart to my beautiful journey of entrepreneurship.   


Q7. Share with our readers the most inspiring moment in this journey of entrepreneurship or Business journey?


We were exhibiting in an interior show which wasn’t going that well. Suddenly an old man not so exemplary dressed…casual khaki shirt & pants, slippers… asked for the price of one of our very Exclusive Art Work. One of our salesmen then was way too quick in judging that person and showed a lil interest in his query. That gentleman loved the art piece so much, bought that piece then and there. Well, that day learnt this life lesson of not judging any person by their appearance. Every Customer is supposed to be embraced beautifully!


 Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life personally or professional life?


Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create. Goddess Sita is my role model! She was a lady of principles, pride & dignity! She was so adaptive to her present… She embraced all the challenges of her life & while facing such difficulties, she imbibed the best of values in her kids.

Q9. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for the next five years?


My focus for now and near future is all about taking my art pan India and Global and at the same time try to empower women entrepreneurs through my experience. I want to be a part of the journey of women who gets confidence in life and build their very own empire…


Q10. What are your Core Values in Life?


Being honest, optimistic, empathetic, humble, grateful, always willing to learn, grow & uplift others..

Q11. What is the one inspirational or Motivational message you want to share to our esteemed readers?


To be patient enough as the seed doesn’t reaps as its sown… for a seed to grow into a huge blossoming tree, a lot of patience, hard work, nurturing and consistency is required and so is our business. Stay positive, passionate and consistent throughout the journey and you shall surely succeed.


 Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards

 Best Art Exhibitor Award in JITO Trade fair 2016

Best Women Artist In Telangana KALA Award

Mural Queen Award by BNI Kohinoor

Nationwide Entrepreneur Award Business Mint Award

Grand Queens Leadership Award by Lions international Club 2020

Honored with Kala Bharat Award 2021 by Khadi Hamara Foundation


Q13. Associated with various Networking Forums, or Social Organizations

Women Business Cult, Lions Club, SNOW, MBN


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Interviewed by 
Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor -  & CEO Deesha Foods

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