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  Q1. The story behind your Brand name or Logo.   Answer: Being a religious person myself and a follower of Guruji, our brand name is u...


Q1. The story behind your Brand name or Logo.


Answer: Being a religious person myself and a follower of Guruji, our brand name is under his name -Gurukripa Foods and Products. Also, the reason to keep this name is it's easy to remember by anyone. The idea behind the name is to showcase the message of originality in quality and taste, easy to cook and less time-consuming, just like our approach towards spirituality.


Q2. Whether this Business is started by you or Legacy of Generations.


 After marriage, I focused on taking care of my family and managing the household. Yet, since childhood, I always wanted to start something of my own and be independent. I always used to participate in social gatherings and social services. Many people during that time complimented me for my management and organizational skills. Some ask me why I don't start this as a source of income. The first step to starting my own thing began in 2010; I entered the Event industry and started managing commercial and social events on a large scale. With ten years in this business line, things were going well. During that same period, I learned about Motu Chef Ready to cook dry mixes and Parc Seasonings. Their concept and people resonated well with me. The co-founders, both women, shared the same vision of women empowerment, helping our fellow women be independent and create their individuality in this competitive world. I joined as a Franchise partner for them in 2019, just before Covid and I started focusing more on this. God already had plans for me that he gave me this opportunity before.


Q3. What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?


 The desire to be independent and the motivation of my daughters that I can manage the house and Business is the prime reason to take up entrepreneurship. I believe one's will and support from loved ones to take up anything in life is vital.


Q4. Kindly introduce your Business, briefly products and services here.

 I want to thank Motu Chef Ready to cook dry mixes and the Parc Seasonings team. They gave me an excellent opportunity to collaborate and create my identity in the food industry. Food for everyone and everywhere is what we aim at Gurukripa Foods and Products. Nowadays, the quality of food with no added preservative and less time for food preparation is what a health-conscious consumer want. We offer 50+ ready-to-mix delicacies in convenient, easy-to-open packaging. From the all-time favorite dish Rajma to exotic food, the pasta sauce all are under our umbrella: the instant ready-to-cook gravy, chutneys, seasoning, and masala powders are made with all-natural ingredients and have six-month shell life. We provide the products to Business to consumers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B).


 Q5. What kind of significant challenges did you face while starting/doing business?


  It has never been a smooth ride for me. The biggest hurdle that I had to jump was the negative mindsets of people around me that, till today, try to demean me in every possible way. I'm grateful that a few gems in my life are a shield for me, protecting me from such unwanted and distracting mindsets. After marriage, even though the desire was there to start things off on my own. The juggling between household and managing business single-handed has been always there. The shift to the food industry from the event industry was quite challenging. With already huge competitors, I was creating a space as a start-up and focusing on visibility with limited resources was a significant factor. Yet it helped me work on the strategy to expand Gurukripa in the Indian market and overseas. The availability of resources for supply was another challenge in covid times. Networking played an ice breaker here for me and helped me pave the path.


Q6. What were the financial challenges you had during the start of your Business, and how did you manage them?


 As I mentioned, handling family and own business single-handed has always been the challenge to maintain the flowing funds. For Gurukripa Foods and Products, I managed funds from my savings. I’m grateful at that our family friend Praveen Vyas helped with an initial investment. Now it has been two years. Through constant support from Motu Chef Ready to cook dry mixes and the Parc Seasonings team, Networking and active participation in various groups, slowly and steadily, the flow of funds is increasing, and Gurukripa has established its name globally.


 Q7. Share with our readers the most inspiring moment in this entrepreneurship or Business journey?

 I came from a background (society) where even today, it's still a far-lost dream of women to start anything of their own or have the freedom to do so. One thing that I have earned being an Entrepreneur is Respect. The strength that my daughters give me and the genuine support I have from a few friends in this back-breaking yet fruitful journey help me keep moving forward as the Entrepreneur of today.


 Q8. Who is your role model or Inspiration in life, personally or professional life?

 My role model is Abraham Lincoln, the former President of the USA. The life-changing approach that I seek from him is never to give up, no matter what, and to keep moving forward. You will make it in the end. I follow this ideology in my personal life and my professional life. The idea to take entrepreneurship is only because of this and grown into what I'm today.


 Q9. What are your future plans? Or now, what is your vision for the next five years?

The food industry, specifically ready to cook vertical in this industry, has a bright future and growth in the domestic and international markets. If I talk about my plans, I want to establish Gurukripa in all major cities in India this year and increase the flow in the International market via the export channel. In the coming five years, I want to reach my goal to achieve revenue of 2 Crore in every financial year. 

Q10. What are your Core Power Values in Life? 

 I am a religious person. For me, the roots of our Indian spirituality are above all. To be good to others and focus on yourself, remain positive and keep working on goals is what I value greatly.


Q11. What is the one inspirational or Motivational message you want to share with our esteemed readers?

It is never too early or too late to start anything you have desired. The only thing is you should believe in yourself and never give up on your goal till you achieve it. Rest automatically falls in place. I want to tell especially these to my fellow women. We are not less than anyone. If you're going to do anything, don't give up because of what society will think or whom you will be answerable. Please do it for yourself. As the famous dialogue from one of the Sharukh's movie goes अगर िकसी चीज को शद्दत से चाहो तो पूरी कायनात तु उससे मलाने लग जाती है is indeed true!


Q12. Your accomplishments and Awards

 The happy customers of Gurukripa Foods and Products are the most significant achievements. It is the only thing that keeps me on track to thrive more and deliver the best services. Apart from this, I have organised Mrs. INDIA Rajasthan 2017, Sambhar Mahastav 2019. I have been accredited for Social Services by Shree Mitra Bharat Samaj Sansthan (2017). I was grateful that I was invited as Chief Guest by Jaipur Central, Press Club (2017). While working in the event industry, I have managed exclusive influential events like Talent Affairs, hosting 500+ plus audiences; Priya Malik, the Big Boss fame, was the guest. My daughters are the true strong pillars and soul of my life. Their vibrant energy gave me the strength to pursue my dream. I would have never thought of pushing myself to this extent and focusing on my goal of becoming an entrepreneur if it weren't for them. I feel on cloud nine when their proud eyes look at me, and it gives me a sense of actual achievement and satisfaction as a Mother.


Q13 Associated with various Networking Forums & Social Organizations

 The art of Networking is one of the significant factors for any business. I have been in the event industry for ten years, which has helped me network both in corporate and social service groups. I want to end my one-on-one with all the readers here with Shukrana (blessings) of Guruji, whom I follow. Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn't give you credit. Jai Guruji Stay Blessed Anantam Shukrana Guru Ji

Q14- Kindly find below our presence over social platforms and a link to our website.


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Interviewed by 
Deepak Toshniwal 


Chief  Editor -  & CEO Deesha Foods

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